File Archive and Recovery

  • Copy changed files
  • Retain multiple versions of files
  • Get copies of your photo edits
  • Get copies of project changes
  • Copy to another disk or LAN

Photo Cataloging Software and Photo Slide Show Software

CyPics V3.6

  • Make Slide Shows
  • Pan Panoramas
  • High resolution slide shows
  • Catalog photos
  • Search for photos
  • View search results as thumbnails
  • See the digital
    camera settings used
  • Photoshop File Info
  • Customizable Text Output
  • Organize photo storage
  • Print photo contact sheets
  • Slide show export
  • Easy to learn
  • Web slide show

Web Site Dynamics

  • Internet marketing software
  • Increase site conversion ratios (sales :: Web site visitor ratio)
  • Increase page conversion performance
  • Increase search engine traffic


Photo Album and Image Browser for Windows built to handle up to 100,000 digital images per album spread over many CDs and other removable disks.

  • ProductBoxslide shows
  • pan panoramas
  • high resolution slide show
  • extract EXIF and IPTC
  • extract Photoshop File Info
  • customizable Text Output
  • fast thumbnail folder browsing
  • drag and drop
  • catalog photos
  • flexible printing with catalog information
  • powerful searching with search results as thumbnails
  • autorun CD slide show export
  • removable disks

CyArc – File Archive and File Recovery

CyArc takes copies of files as you create and change them. Multiple versions of files are kept reflecting the history of file changes. When you use CyArc on a set of folders you are in the position to go back to any version of a file.

You can use it on you’re my Documents area to get copies of files as you work on them or set it up to track changes to digital photos or an important project.

The output is suitable for both backup and archive.

Web Site Dynamics

Get intimate knowledge about your web site and understand what people do on it. Set objectives and measure the achievement of your web site goals. Compare the effectiveness of each page version, fine tune wording and layout to maximize your sales conversions. Analyse search engine traffic and keyword effectiveness, fine tune your search engine optimization.