Digital Cameras Travelling FAQ

How do you manage thousands of photographs taken on the move?

Just how do you manage all the photographs you may take on an extended holiday with a digital camera? The alternatives are getting better:

  • Take enough removable media
  • Take a notebook computer
  • Use Digital Labs
  • Carry extended storage devices

Camera storage media is expensive and who wants that big an investment in media that won’t fit your next camera upgrade. It isn’t worth it.

Carry the notebook – and this was supposed to be a holiday. Great you carry around this notebook computer for four weeks and in the fifth week the computer gets stolen. No pictures, no computer, just an insurance claim.

More and more photo shops are hanging out the digital sign. Most digital camera storage devices can easily be transferred to CD-Rom and other innovative options.

High volume storage devices (digital wallet, Clik! Drive)also allow you to transfer camera storage to disk.

What is needed for viable digital photography on the move?

Viable digital photography for extended travel requires several things:

  • Being able to empty your digital cameras storage media to take more shots
  • No compromise on image quality to fit more on the camera media
  • Transferring images to durable long term storage within a short time frame
  • Not having all your eggs in one basket with a notebook computer or a digital wallet

After you transfer images from your camera to your computer do you take a backup? Do you consider one copy of your photographs on a notebook computer, digital wallet or Clik! disks durable storage?

The Internet is not likely to do anything to help, the total size of the photographs you take precludes emailing them home or using temporary storage on the web. You need them offloaded onto cheap media as you go and for convenience you need someone else to do it for you.

The Digital Photo shop provides most of the answers. You can dump the photos onto a computer while you wait and then come back in a little while to pick up your freshly cut CD. Purchase mutiple CDs and mail one home for safe keeping.

Is it time to throw away that old conventional camera?

The time has probably arrived unless you have a professional quality conventional camera with assorted lenses.

  • Digital storage options have vastly improved in the last few years.
  • Good quality small digital cameras are far more affordable.
  • High quality digital cameras with SLR bodies and interchangeable lenses are too expensive for most people to consider value for money.